Florida to California

After moving to California I realized what I was missing with my truck.  It was a truck that hadn’t been off road besides mudding in Florida but it was different in California.  Here people loved Baja style off-roading and rock crawling.  This new style of Baja off-roading was not new to me as I has seen it on television but to see it first hand was captivating.  The thrill of Baja style off-roading had found me and it felt good.  First I need new tires because my Dueler ATs where not going to cut it out in the desert.  Running 265/65/R17 was not a lot of side wall for travel, what is travel you might ask? Well travel is the system of tires, tire air, springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects a vehicle to its wheels.      It allows motion between the truck and the ground and its essential to off-roading.  After changing from the stock Dueler ATs to BF Goodrich Mudterrains with 275/70/R17s the truck changed as well.  Then I had fiberglass fenders installed so the tires wouldn’t rub and I would gain clearance between the truck wheel wells and the tires. The truck had started to transform into a more cable offroad truck.  That’s where I was right and wrong all at the same time as the picture below will show.

Willow Springs Speedway, CA

Where is this may you ask? Well it is Big Willow which is a well-known track at Willow Springs, California well known as Willow Springs International Speedway.  Even though I had changed out the Tires and Fenders the truck was still very cable on the road.  The suspension which had Calvert Racing 9 way adjustable rear shocks and Bilstein 5100s in the front worked quite well on a track even with all the weight of the truck.  The main advantage was the power to weight ratio of the truck while heavier then most cars.  The truck had shear power on its side and the traction bars and suspension helped tremendously.  A welcome change the Truck with Florida plates had conquered a race track in California in about 2 mins flat.  The drive was the only thing holding the truck back as well as some stickier tires.  Now that you have a little background on me I will be posting on my motorcycle better known as “The Duke”.

Hwy 94 El Campo, CA

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