The TripleThreat and how it all began

My Toyota Tacoma Running its first lap on Big Willow at Willow Springs International Speedway in Willow Springs, California

Do you think trucks should be great off-road and cars should be fast and take corners like an F1 race car?  Well as an avid car enthusiast I couldn’t make up my mind so I settled for both. I’m currently driving my Toyota Tacoma 4×4 and its been tested time and time again. I started Drag Racing 4 years ago after installing my TRD supercharger in my 2013 Toyota Tacoma 4×4 in Jacksonville Florida.  I took it Green Cove springs Drag strip and after making multiple YouTube videos I was hooked (videos posted at this link  After which I changed out the headers to Doug Thorley long tubes and added traction bars from Calvert Racing. I was still running relatively stock build on the truck besides the exhaust and roots style supercharger it was stock.  So I went to Tony’s shop known only as “Tuners inc”  in Jacksonville Florida and after installing a Snow Performance Stage 3 methanol Injection kit it was ready. You think dyno runs are cool until your paying for them that is.. After Four Dyno runs the truck was tuned to 115 octane on 89 non ethanol pump gas.  You can never put a price on a safe tune and Tony at Tuners inc did an outstanding job. Then I did what anyone else would do I raced it, first at Showtime Drag strip in Seminole, Florida.  I hadn’t had enough fun so I took it to Bradenton speedway also in Florida.  The truck was running smooth and was a street queen but something was missing…


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