The night runs begin! (So has the party)

As July comes to California so does the heat and when I say heat I mean 100 degrees of heat.  When this happens the desert season for offroaders is over but the offroading doesn’t stop.  It moves to the night and then the real fun begins!  The light bars, bonfires, and light whips come out.  Deserts are lit up by multiple colors from off-road lights to the moonlight, it’s a beauty like none other.


As the night run continues we travel fast through trails driving only as fast as we can see.  Our late night runs are as legendary as they are long. These runs are a time to enjoy the night, talk with people with that have similar interests, and get lost in the desert.  If no one popped a tire or broke an axle the trip was not a success.  Once the night run is complete we meet back at camp for food and beer with family as well as friends.


As day breaks the camp is quiet and peaceful after a long night of late night shenanigans, beer and country music or skrillix depending on the driver. After a short drive you can see a wagon wheel outline in the camp from a distance.


There’s something about getting rid of the cell phone, the day-to-day workload and just going somewhere where you can get away from it all.  Everyone deserves a break and Superstition Mountain is the place to go.  Being in El Centro its still two hours drive from San Diego but well worth it if you stay over the weekend.  If you have ever wanted to gaze at the stars or sleep with nothing but the wind to wake you up the desert will give you this.  I will never forget the days I spent in the desert and I will await the day I go back.

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