Taking a tour of the Sunshine State

Clearwater Beach from the air

Howdy yall! I am making my first post in Tampa Florida! This amazing state is not only known for crazy news headlines and swampland.  Its known for the people, the sunshine and the beach.  I will be spending the next couple weeks posting places I visit and the people I meet to show this world how amazing this glorious state is.  Its not just the state itself though, people here have to survive, its not a place for everyone. We Floridians will tell you about Publix subs (and the free cookies in the Publix bakery), Disney-world and the Coquinas burying themselves on the beach after waves.  People from Florida however do not tell you about the Brown Recluse spiders, Alligators, Sinkholes, Hurricanes and Stingrays (the stingray shuffle is second nature when I get in the water).  With all that in mind growing up to summer year round and wearing sandals everyday is pretty astounding if you think about it.


Spoil Islands Clearwater, FL


Everyone I met outsides of Florida doesn’t seem to understand the concept of never seeing snow and it really scares people (especially people from the north).  One thing I noticed is the people here our different we enjoy everyday we can in the sun.  In San Diego for instance it doesn’t hardly rain so they tend to always enjoy the sun and the beach.  In Florida afternoon thunderstorms is normal during the rainy season.  There is a profound difference in how much we enjoy the days it doesn’t rain and make the most of it since we don’t get sunshine day in and day out.  At the same time you know to open and close your car door multiple times before getting in your hot car.  I mean the seat belt, steering wheel and every other surface will burn you alive.

While I was on the plane there was a nice girl who happened to be wearing a UCF hat on!  I was at the window seat (I always pick the window seat) and she was in the same row on the aisle seat with no one in between us.  I then remembered the FLorida rivalry, as there is only two sides to this house which has divided the state in half.  Your either a FSU fan or USF fan, basically a Seminole Noles or Gator.  I completely forgot about the UCF knights so I adversely asked my fellow plane buddy if UCF even had a Football team and boy was I in for it!  She immediately took off her white skull candy head phones and glared at me as she said “don’t tell me your a gators fan!”  I smiled and replied “Go noles!” We would go on enjoying our back and fourth conversation for the next 2 hours from Philadelphia to Florida (I had a connecting flight from San Diego to Philadelphia).  If your not from Florida you might not understand how much they care which side your on and being in Tampa Bay its mostly Gator Fans here.

I will continue to publish as my trip down memory lane continues here in Florida and I will see how many pictures and places I can fit in as I go. However as always I am going to enjoy the sights and experiences before I take a picture. Publishing to you from Tampa bay, Vance out!!!

The view of the old oak tree from the 2nd story of my house

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