The Everglades and the swamp life

Just like any place in the United States as you move across a state people and cultures not to mention the scenery changes. Being from Tampa Bay the “Salt Life” as many trucks have stickers on their back windows letting people know know it as they don’t hide it.  I know the beach style of living quite well, however down south in the everglades they do things a bit different.  Its a welcomed change though not only do they have the small southern town mentality. They slow everything down and no ones in a rush to be any where or do anything.  You either slow down to relax yourself or you get irradiated and frustrated why your food is taking so long or the long drawn out conversations on what your think about the weather here in Florida. I personally was happy to have a long drawn out conversation while pumping gas with the nice lady pumping gas into her F-150.  I agreed with her the weather was beautiful and I was in no hurry to rush off and had no where to be on time.  However I know plenty of people that wouldn’t show her the time of day.  I was ever more amazed that she knew the guy pumping gas behind us by name and the other patrons at the gas station.


It is at that moment when I realized they all know i’m not from the town and that I was not aware they knew this until now!  Talk about a shocker, I realized that is the reason she was asking me what I thought of the weather.  The people here immediately know who is from out of town from the diner to the gas station they can spot you from a mile away regardless of the clothes you wear. I was flagged just from my truck being there if I had to guess when she knew I was from outta town. They are so friendly here in the Everglades I know that if I broke down not a single person would pass me.  I mean you have to rely on people a lot more out here then in the city.  The everglades was just like the desert in California except it was green, had water, trees, shrubbery, Alligators and Panthers… Oh did I mention the Panthers?

One of many signs for different animal crossings

All the wildlife out here would make me wonder if there is anything that doesn’t cross the road however the Deer, Alligator and Panther crossing signs were the most common.  I have seen all of them along my time driving on the road here and I can say the signs are needed.  Whether people head the warnings is another story.  Why would someone drive from Tampa Bay to Miami besides the fact that its not a bad drive (Three hours).   First off there is no traffic on weekday and I enjoyed the sights along the way not to mention on the way back (more to come on that later).  Secondly you can’t pass up visiting the Everglades especially if you can get a ride on an Airboat.

Snapshot 1 (7-14-2016 9-11 PM)
My buddy and me enjoying the Everglades sights

If you can’t figure it out that a picture in the Everglades from the back of an Airboat.  They are these boats with engines on the back and a propeller.  In this case it had a 350 for anyone that was wondering what type its was a V8 you would see on some muscle cars and carbureted I might add. These Airboat have speed and this particular one could go only held back by weight. That is right ladies and gentlemen these things are so light they need more weight to go faster.  We needed two more people or 200-300 pounds to go above 40mphs. The reason it needs the weight is its so light with that 350 V8 in the back the boat the bow will start to come up and it can flip.  So we needed 4 people to go over 40 mph if we wanted to fly but honestly as you’re going to see 40 is all you need. Oh did I mention I took my Go pro with me! I am editing the video together as we speak I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and take in all the beauty of the Everglades as well as a few 360s!

Beyond that I will have to leave you with this picture captured on the way back from Miami in case your wondering what a sunset looks like in Florida this is from the highway so remember that and I will write more as my journey continues!

Captured this sunset while driving back northbound on the I-75

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