Athens and Tarpon Springs

As of today I writing from Greece, specifically the beautiful city of Athens! I am not only excited but thrilled to be here enjoying such amazing country side. I wasn’t sure what to expect from my friend Strato’s descriptions. I basically imagined farmland and a small countryside.

Took this on the plane

What I saw was a city which was made of brand new and older building side by side. They seem to value historic sites as well as ancient ruins which are protected. Only once I left Athens would I see the open countryside and farms I was looking for. The city of Athens however had like a maze effect to me. The further I went in, the more I thought I was getting lost in a city. I am going to be looking for authentic Greek food and that is my first of many goals.

I left the airport on by taxi and asked to be taken to a place that had authentic greek cusine. I was looking for Gyros. In Florida we have a city called Tarpon springs which is known for its greek population. There are many places in Tarpon Springs where you can get greek cusine. However I wanted to compare the greek cusine in Florida to the real thing. My tastebuds were ready all I had to do was get there.

I made it to a little cafe which had gyros and it was well worth the taxi fare! The sauce is quite different and it was definitely prepared with different ingredients. The menus are not easy to read with out knowledge of greek language. There are quite a few english words used though and the Greek seem to love Americans. I have been greeted and helped many times of the course of the day. I have found a converter for my laptop plug, shampoo, and deodorant.

Bus to Patras, Greece

However I have only been to one city in Greece. Also Athens is huge and this is only my first of many days here. However one thing I know for sure is they do not serve breakfast here but for some reason I’m ok with that and I love breakfast! More to come as my adventure continues here in Greece, Vance Out.

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