Greek cars and motorcycles

I will try to hold in my excitement long enough to write this. I have found out a few things since I got here. Lets just say im excited to say the least. First the car brands here are all over the place. Greece car brand consists of Volkswagon, Subaru, Mazda, Mercedes, Saab, Alfa Rameo, Opel, Ford, Mini Cooper, and even Toyota! The car scene is not as popular here when it comes to modifying cars but they do have car meets I just can’t seem to find one.

Got ride in this hydrogen powered bad boy

Being a car enthusist is weird here as people here take manual cars here for granted. By that I mean everyone here drives a manual car! I understand some readers might not be excited but I sure as hell am! Everything from the bus I rode in, to the car I was picked up in by Stratos is a manual transmission vehicle. Now that I have excitedly told you that I don’t think I can top it. However if your looking for a guy or girl that drives a manual this is one country you can do it in.

From what I have gathered there is a 53 percent unemployment rate. Anyone in their 3os or younger don’t have jobs and either go abroad and work or live with family. They also have a heathly amount of people driving vespas and motorcycles. This is good news as a fellow motorcycle rider I brought my helmet and gear. I will be riding through Greece shortly on a Honda Cruiser which looks like a harley and I couldn’t be more thrilled with this oppertunity.The last thing I have found out is that people here ride their motorcycles without helmets. This is by far one of the most dangerous things I have seen here so far. It is illegal to ride without helmets as well as drive without seat belts here in Greece. However, police enforce these laws but the greek people break the law anyways. The fine for no helmet is the same for no seatbelt as a driver it is 350 euros and 10 days without liscense. If it is a passenger without a seatbelt it is 100 euros. I am finding out so much about this country I am so excited of the oppertunities and who knows what will lye ahead Vance Out!

Followed this Toyota Celica last night

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