Daily Life in Patras, Greece

I am now in Patras, Greece over 4 hours away from Athens. I have had a long exciting journey so far and no phone service. I have been using wifi as I find it the Greek people are very generous in many ways. My phone should be working soon so I can use google maps but for now im using an old fashion map from the airport.

I took the X93 to this bus station to get to my first destination Patras, Greece

So on my first day in Patras, Greece I am eating Calamari and Ouzo. 

The Calamari is bought right off the local fishing boats. Ouzo is anise flavored “aperitif” that is widely consumed in Greece at the beginning it is clear then after adding water or ice it magical turns white!

Straight off the boat

After eating at cafe Agkura on the beach I proceeded to explore the city. One of the first things that caught my eye was the Agio Nikolaou stairs. It was one if many things I would see along my hike around the city. Patras has many different attractions and I only have a couple of days I gave myself to explore it.

After climbing up the steps you can see Agiou Nikolaou street which is a very popular and famous street in Patra. The street connects Agios Nimolaos pier with the Patras Castle.

Before the castle is this ancient stadium known as “Roman Odeum”. While not as nice as the stadium in Athens it is the oldest in all of Greece. This is one of many reasons to come to Patras another being the beautiful landmarks and gorgeous views.

A view from the hill side on the way to the castle

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