Night Life In Rios, Greece

Now everyone that knows me understands clubs are great once in a while. Not every night though, and when you’re in Greece you do as the Greeks do. So I went out to see what was all the fuss. There are two kinds of “going out” here there is going out for “cocktails” or ” to have a beer”

I’ll start with the beer as it is more of my kind of night I guess im old haha. We went to this bar which they call pubs. Ordered beers and sat down to talk.The music is very low its easy to talk to one another. I can see myself doing this if I drank beer everyday. We then left from the alley to some well-known stairs where people gather and sit. apparently they have turn sitting into Pokemon gathering at these stairs…

Then there is the cocktail parties which involve a number of items. As we drove up to Rios I thought only about bringing ear plugs. However as I arrived I might as well have been in America. The blue and white spot lights were lighting up the sky. As we walked up I could clearly hear “it goes down in the DM” (by: Yo gotti) and I laughed I mean laughed so hard! All of my friends looked at me not understanding what the context was. With half a breath I explained that I was expecting foreign words and music. So after a short explanation we went into Club 21.

Club 21 Rios, Greece

The place wasn’t as crowded the drinks were 6 euros and the dance floor was packed. It seems that the Greek guys like to hold drinks and look around. The girls danced around and would get their boyfriends to dance sometimes. after less than an hour I wanted to leave as the club “Sea Through” was playing Greek club music. So a shirt hop, skip and a jump and we were listening to popular Greek club music. Boy was I in for a surprise.

For about two songs I couldn’t understand the lyrics and everyone was signing along. Then I heard “Do my dance” (by: Tyga) everyone that was dancing started to get excited. Then I noticed something! Just like the Greek club music I found myself unable to understand the American rap just as much. I would like to note that there was no twerking at this club. However there was a couple of people bumping and grinding which is normal. I didn’t see any cool Greek dancing. However no one in Greece had ever seen the sprinkler or the shower routine ask me how I know! The strange part is that the guys and girls on the outsides of the dance floor just watch. While the inside of the club danced. They were holding their drinks and just stare at us as we danced and I wasn’t sure if it was my dancing or my clothes.

The Rio-Antirrio bridge (Γέφυρα Ρίου-Αντιρρίου)which connects Rio to Antirrio

After leaving I got to snap a few shots of the second largest suspension bridge in the world! Its called the “Rio-Antirrio” (Γέφυρα Ρίου-Αντιρρίου) and going a cross this 6 lane bridge is an astounding way to end your night. You can actually walk across it and it’s quite worth the walk as the bridge connects the town of Rio to Antirrio.

This is one of three town squares in Patras, Greece

The drinks were tasty and the views were spectacular as the club is open until 5am. I am deaf from the American rap and tired from being up untill five which is ok as I usually got bed at 8pm in California. The cool part is at 6am in Greece its 8pm there so that’s probably the only reason I didn’t collapse. Being a marathon runner probably helped considering how much cardio I put down on the dance floor. My first week is over in Greece now to have my first weekend who knows what will happen next!

Vance Out!

The building is known as “The Owl” look at the top middle to see its eyes and head

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