Laganas is insane

I’m not sure where to start but this place is a shocking surprise. Coming from the mainland of Greece this city on the island of Zakinthos is quite a culture shock. I have heard for Greek accents for weeks and now im hearing all kinds of foreign accents. I have met people from Great Britain, Australia, and even Scotland which I have already visited personally.

Before reporting where I am let me tell you how I got here. If thay big orange ship isn’t a clue then i’d like to mention I needed to transport a motorcycle. Not only was this the most pleasent ship ride but also the shortest. It takes roughly 30 minutes to get from Kyllini to the port of Zakinthos island. Traveling across on the ferry gave me time to rest as my butt was starting to hurt from the motorcycle seat.

As we arrived I could tell right away that this island was different but I couldn’t put my finger on it. After arriving in Laganas I saw ATVs on the street and immediately questioned what I saw. After awhile I noticed several more riding down the street, appearently they are street leagal here. Then after checking into my hotel I got directions to the beach. I was warned to be careful when paying for anything there.

Thank goodness sunsets are are free so I watched that. Then went on a walk along the beach. I had definetly entered a party city with people from Australia, Great Britian, Scotland, Greece and even Ireland mainly populating the city. If you are in your 20s and want to party you come here. The main street is clubs and bars with restraunts, rental scooters and attractions throughout the main road.

They even have spinoffs of Pizzahut, KFC, a real mcdonalds and subway. If you eat at mcdonalds while your in Greece you have no taste or sense of adventure as far as im concerned. There is a british pub, a place called BJs which serves American food and plenty of other restraunts. My favorite thing to do is never eat at the same place twice which helps me try new places.

My Hotel is pretty amazing from the slide to the swim up bar this place is fancy. Also its not the best place to sleep as it sounds like a rave from 9pm to 5am. However if you close the doors its actually quiet with very low music in the background. I noticed the doors were made of oak but I highly doubt the walls are insulated. Maybe its not that loud and im just weird. The city reminds me alot of Las Vegas except smaller and on an island but its far from the Greece I have seen these past weeks. This is not Greece, once you enter the city your in an english speaking town that on a Greek island.

Now if your not paying attention you will miss it. What could possibly be going on here besides shots? Now I have seen everything from marijuana to cocaine but appearently there is always something new. What could possibly be popular here besides the normal drugs? How about huffing balloons of all things! While not unheard of what they offer is not helium, not air, would you have guessed laughing gas? They have the most random things here from the atvs to the laughing gas this place is full of surprises. Outside of this town is a different story and I have changed motorcycles to this beast which is a Yamaha 660cc more to come as I see the rest of this island!

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