The beach with an award

Leaving Laganas behind we ventured to experince what the rest of the island was like. From its people to its beautiful views I was determined to explore it. I headed for Banana Beach and boy did I pick right! It was supposed to be a two hour ride but it took us three hours. I was quite tired as you have to concentrate around the curves. Between the buses and the car everyone gos over the line. After almost getting run over for three hours we finally made it. We also got a great spot to park the bikes in the shade. As my butt has been burned from the seat multiple times and its to hot to wear my wranglers. We had finally made it and I was in a rush to get to the beach!

I rush to the beach and sat down in the first chair on the front row I could find. Since that was only row full of people. As I relaxed in my chair I got the wildest looks. I think they were just amazed to see an American in their presence but im not sure how they knew I wasn’t from there. I played some music on my Bluetooth but I know only I could hear it. Also they couldn’t see my face and it was sunny so I put my visor down. Not sure why they were all smiling and waving at me. I was in a rush to get to my spot but the seats behind the front row were pretty much empty.

This was supremely entertaining to do

Looking back it was probably the bathing suit that gave me away. All the Europeans were wearing tight bathing suits and short ones and the females well they didn’t have tops on… I think my long american bathing suit that covered my knees must have gave me away. As I enjoyed the beach I also entertained everyone with my shinangans. Then looked at the menu and the prices were actually quite cheap compared to what I expected.

The menu had burgers, calamari, cocktails, and beer. Basically, I wanted to experience the food and drinks but I wasn’t going to drink a whole bunch of mixed drinks. Then ride back two to three hours on a road I don’t know through winding curves which lead up the switch back.

Pina Coladas anyone?

I found out it has a Greek award for its purity. They bestowed it with a blue flag with a circle of stars and judging from the sand I can see why! This beach was emaculant from the sand to the water. There was no trash and the sand has no shells. I thought this was probably the nicest beach on the entire island.


We had the whole beach to ourselves or maybe its was because it takes hours to get here..


After talking with some of the people I ended up hanging out with a girl who is on “holiday” from Great Britain. Her name is Katy and she came with her friend for her birthday and apparently Banana Beach is the place to go. Which is news to me because I have never heard of this place until today. She was staying in Laganas and ended up talking more there. It turns out most of the United Kingdom countries from Scotland to Great Britain have this place as one of their tourist destinations. I am not a club and bar person as I enjoy long motorcycles ride sober. It was however, nice meeting someone that enjoyed fries, cheese, gravy and a good conversation. Banana beach bar is a relatively low key place to meet people if you ventured here by yourself.  They actually refer to fries as “chips” in Great Britain. I enjoyed Banana Beach and made new friends so all in all it was a great success. I still have time and gas in the tank so this trips not over. See yall soon! I posted my first selfie (she took the picture does that still count?) Vance out!

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