One night in Athens

The transit station in the center of Athens this city never sleeps

So here we are again, I stayed my first day in Athens and now I spent my last here. First off, the city of Athens is quite large in comparison to most greek cities I have visited. It takes more than two days to explore Athens however I used up a week of extra days in the Greek islands. I would do it again if given the opportunity since I will never forget the memories or people I met there. Though two days is enough to see a few of the many wonders from Acropolis to the many chapels randomly found throughout the city.

Window shopping with designer brands everywhere

I arrived in Athens at 9pm and checked into my hotel then dropped off my luggage. I then plugged my camera, cell phone, and laptop into the outlets to charge everything. Since I only had two more nights in Greece I figured I would do something different. I started out trying to capture Athens and night. Then after eating I realized I wasn’t tired and challenged myself to stay awake. There were people walking around at all hours and many of them were quite friendly.

One of the many shopping centers in Athens

I got a room online at the Hotel Amalia Athens which is only 100-150 euros depending on if you want a “classic room” or an “executive suite”. The accommodations were phenomenal from the soft bed to the mini-bar and TV. All I needed was Wifi and I got that and more along with a bathroom which could fit a couch. Granted I was paying for it but dam if I didn’t enjoy nice living accommodations once in a blue moon.

When you find a street where everything is closed

I looked around for a place to eat as I wondered from my hotel on foot. This was the first time I didn’t have my motorcycle. However, judging by the cities spectacular public transportation system this was not a problem. Fun fact the taxi companies in Athens have a five euro flat fee. Meaning if you need to go across the city it will only cost you five euros. Furthermore, just like the food delivery and restaurants you do not tip which is still hard for me to get into the habit of doing as I am a great tipper. Being in a foreign country it was interesting how many tendencies I had gotten hard-wired into my brain. The city was alive

Athens city radius

I had only 7 hours of night time left and an empty memory card in a camera to fill! As I walked I stumble upon some of the most popular sites in Athens. Opening up my phone I tracked down the nearest place to eat. Google only showed restaurants but not hours of operations. I noticed many of the business on google were bare and had little information. It seems this is a huge trend in Greece. Having very little information on all the cities when it comes to the small businesses was normal. There is one other more fun and courageous way to find out and its also my favorite. The best way is to ask people in the city and there were plenty of chances to ask. I saw the first person a block from my hotel and immediately asked him where I could get “PITA” from. I had luckily not only got a hotel near the center of Athens but also near the city center. He directed me with city blocks as measurement and landmarks on where to turn just like Florida. I was planning on taking a taxi to Syntagma Square but there I was smack dab in the middle of it. Funny how last minute reservations got me so close to the square I could walk to it by acciThe dent.

Then Magnificent Syntagma Square

Hand in hand I saw a couple strolling through the park along with several Pokemon Go players. People playing instruments, doing tricks, drinking beer, or sharing a bottle of wine there people had it made.

The royal guards in front of the paraliment building

Watching the guards was quite epic as they stay in step matching each others foot prints. Even with their backs turned they still stay in step marching slowly and Gracefully. The guards were disciplined staring straight ahead ignoring the girls and guys that tried to get a reaction.  Tourist are not allow to touch the guards but can take a picture with them one at a time between routine self.

Amazing cobble he is

Most of the city is made up of old buildings and streets many of which you won’t even know your walking on. Most resiedents of the Greek cities cliam the modern building are build over the ancient ruins.

I found Pita!

I found a place that makes Pita (Gyros) at one of the many places open near Syntagma Square. My mission was complete I had found food at last and now I waited for the sun to rise. It was only a matter of time and with four hours to go I relaxed and ate my Pita.

The seating outside where I ate

The Pita was scrumptious as I had ordered multiple kinds to get the full experince. I enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed anything else I ate in Greece. The food here is tasty by any standards its not just different but full of flavor. The food is also quite healthy depending on what you like. It seems the people here walk alot more from going to the grocery store to getting coffee a mile is nothing.

If you like sweets they have some delicious bakerys all around. If you walk a block you will run into a bakery and I never had a bad experince! The prices are quite low as well ranging from two euros to six.

They not only create delicious deserts but they also have such creative designs. The desserts looked so beautiful I didn’t want to ruin the artwork!

I mean come on I wanted to try all of them from the tiramisu to the bars of fudge! I got some treats and ran from the bakery as I would have put them out of business. Leaving the bakery I proceeded deeper into the city. This night just keeps getting better and im still exploring untill next time, Vance Out.

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