Acropolis at Dawn

With only two hours left until sunrise, I started my hike to Acropolis excited to get some epic shots of the citadel. It took about 30 minutes to get from Syntagma square to Acropolis. It wasn’t the distance that slowed me down, it was the directions since I got them from a local. I think technically if it could be anyone’s fault it was mine for trying to remember the directions from the person I met at the cafe. I ended up getting out my phone and using my GPS and google. Surprisingly I was on track as the mans directions were correct I was just making a big deal over nothing.

A random chapel in the middle of an intersection

As I made my way to Acropolis I found a lot of random chapels in the middle of the squares. I searched the internet to no avail fir finding out why there were so many chapels in the middle of the squares. I can only guess they built around them and preserved the chapels. It was quite spectacular to see so many random chapels as much as the painted glass outside of them.

The streets were quiet and made of stone

As I walked I noticed the street was made of stonework as most of the road I have traveled on  was on was made of asphalt and concrete. A lot of the cities in Greece have kept and maintained stone and brick roads. The streets here are mostly bright with street lights and crime in Athens is higher than most Greek cities which have virtually none. I felt safe even here in this huge city and dark alleys. There’s tons of graffiti but very little abandon buildings. Unlike most Greek cities which have abandon building every other couple blocks. This city was quite different then most and heavily populated which is probably why the streets weren’t as quiet as Patras.



I had finally made it Acropolis and found a spot over looking the entire city. It was about 7am and not a soul in site. The rock was mine and I got the best angle set up the camera and waited.

My first picture as the sun rose

The sight was beautiful it was just so moving to be up there with silence. Just a camera a bottle of water and cliff over looking the city. Spending over an hour up here had a very calming effect. Though looking back it could have been the 5 plus miles of hiking uphill to the cliff. It could have been the long walk too but it was well worth it in the end. The city looked amazing from up there and I will never forget that view.


13883938_1253194941378959_37771351_nPeople started to arrive two girls with books and headphones in their ears. They were there to write and get inspiration. A jogger showed up which is rare as I do not see many people in workout clothes running around. Granted I was only there for a month but it was perfect weather since I am training for another marathon I ran a lot while I was there. The longer I was there the more people showed up to see the sunrise. It was funny that we all gathered to see it even though no one no each other. The warmth of the sun and colors of the view brought us to this one spot. Still everyone universally understood to keep quiet. There was not a sound made, no talking, just the wind and a stunning view on a cliff. I even recorded the entire sun rise on my gopro so stay tuned for an epic video of my entire trip. As I have recorded many videos of Athens as well as the other cities during my various adventures.

The day was just starting but my trip coming about to end and boy if this was the way to end it.

This epic shot of me watching the sunrise

Leaving Acropolis was the best way to end my trip I had been up for 9 hours since I arrived at 11pm and now I left to enjoy my hotel room and sleep before the long flight back. This trip has been fun from the many friendships I made to the views and memories I will never forget. It was an epic way to end the this long journey across a country. I will be back Greece and until then, Vance Out!

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