Borrego Springs desert and stars


I’ve been back in California adjusting from the peaceful life of Greece. I’ve been slowly acclimating to the San Diego weather. Getting to the truck it needed some love from sitting for a month in the garage. Picking where I left off I cleaned her up and kicked the tires. A little undercarriage repainting to fix the damage from the many scraps and dents all offroad trucks receive. The worst part was sanding down the frame and paint to fix it. On top of all that the battery died so I took the opportunity to upgrade it to a 710 CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) with interstate batteries and an amazing 6 year warranty. With the truck up and running now all I needed was a day to go out. After waiting all week I got my offroad group together and yesterday I set up a run for the afternoon. Since its a little hot in the desert we are still doing night runs. Which is fine because that gave me time to do a quick oil change on the truck then I waited patiently in my driver seat for the meet time.


What about Borrego Springs? Well, we left at 5pm from San Diego after a short meet up terrorizing every curb we could find. We started mall crawling while we waited for every to arrive conquering every in the parking lot with our trucks. If you don’t know its a 2 hour drive to Borrego springs so its no quick drive. As we made our way to the desert we played our country music and EDM as we drove up interstate 8. Along the way we had a small problem with a gas can leaking tipping over but that was quickly fixed though all the gas was already out of the can…. If you haven’t been and you google it like most people it’s a small town in the middle of nowhere. However, if you know your way around southern California you know it is the place to go for camping, offroading, and hiking. I will be making another trip up there to go hiking to the wind caves so stay tuned!




After 2 hours of combat driving up interstate 8 and winding through Julian Hwy 79 we made it. We drove to camp dropped off the tents then hit up blow sand hill for some good old fashion hill climbs. Moving up through to Shell reef we hit some whoops and took down some side trails to Devils Slide. Then took the long way around to pole line trail then the AM/PM gas station which is the only one in a 20 mile radius by the way. Then up to the 4×4 playground which is basically the school jungle gym accept 10 times larger and designed for trucks not your puny little arms.


Finally, it was 12am we stopped the trucks go out and looked up to the stars. If you can’t understand why people would offroad through a desert with a whole bunch of supped up trucks and go camping in what is basically a giant sandbox look up. Oh right you’re probably in your house! Go outside and look up at the sky, stare at the stars. Now imagine the few stars you can see but beautiful and littering the sky. That’s what we saw along with a meteor shower just like August 13th which is the last time we went out and gazed up to watch. Peaceful, it’s the quietest place I have been to in my  life. All you can hear is the wind blowing as you gaze up in the night. There no place like that and many people never leave the city to see it. I feel its quite sad how many people go to the bar or downtown then go do it all over again next week. I can only hope that after seeing the pictures and maybe ever my short article someone leaves their house and goes out on an adventure of their own!

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