So im in Ohio now!

So here we are again, except im in Ohio instead of Greece. I am ultimately here to see my old roommate get married to the love of his life. However I used up some extra vacation to get here early and hangout with them. I secretly miss them dearly and it was worth losing three days of vacation. Just seeing them again would have made me happy as well as have lunch. However, I also got to see the new house so it was worth it and I got to catch up on all i’ve missed! Now I have three days to entertain myself before wedding so its time to get into some trouble muhahaha.

  Yesterday I got to see what I can only describe as heaven on this earth. If your like me and aircraft as well as anything that can fly is your cocaine then your in luck. The musuem is by far staggeringly the largest and most exotic plane collection in the world. Dayton Ohio of all places is home to the National US Airforce Museum.

It has 4 hangers the newest was just finished just in time for me to see it but I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t been.

  Then I went Charleston fall preserve about 5 mins from Dayton to see the caves, lake and falls. However, it hasn’t rained alot and the falls don’t look normal. The hiking and trails were just as beautiful as any day of the year. A hiker I met on the trail said I need to come back during the winter as it freezes in place and makes the most beautiful ice shapes.

Then I got to explore some caves only going as far as I could see “the light at the end of the tunnel”. Edit

This is what it looks like after you hike a mile from the bottum around to the top just for the view.

I have two more days of fun and i’ll be staying at my friends cabin both of them. I hope they have wifi but from what i’m told there is a several TVs, a jacuzzi, kitchen and a beautiful view. I guess all those memes on facebook about giving up internet for a cabin in the woods are true. Would you do it? They all ask and I will always say yes. I hope theres no phone signal either! Try drunk texting and calling me now people!!!

Here are some extra shots of Charleston Falls.

So if you are wondering where you should travel to next after just getting back from Europe. Why not explore your backyard first? Have you visited Dayton, Ohio because I have! Untill tomorrow, Vance Out!

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