Old Mans Cavern and Hocking Hills

I understand people like bars and clubs but when I go to a new place I go explore places you can only see there. That adventure bug brought me to Old Mans Cavern.

The Hiking trails are quite scenic featuring woods, rolling hills, and valleys.

My first mission was to see Old Mans cave. A man lived in the Cavern with his two dogs as well as his brothers later on.

 His name was Richard Rowe. His entire family lived in Ohio and ran a trading post. The year was 1796 and he lived off the land which is quite remarkable. People can’t survive without the power going out much less in a cave in the woods of Ohio. Before he lives there his two brothers Nathaniel and Pat lived there in 1795.

From the cave, the trails take you through a valley along a river which takes you to Cedar Falls.

Cadar falls as you can see from the picture was not a waterfall at all. After talking to a couple of local hikers I found out they have not received a lot of rain. However, the hike and surrounding valley were just as majestic as any other day of the year.

Along the way, a couple miles from Old Mans Cave is Rose Lake. This is one of the few lakes that I have seen that doesn’t have a road to the lake. It’s untouched and that’s what makes the lake so special. There’s nothing around the shore. No cabins, boat ramps, or bridges just trees. You could probably skinny dip here and no one would see you (I was tempted).

I spotted some wildlife from trail mix stealing chipmunks to wild bees. I spotted a number of creatures of the forest the most thrilling being the deer and a river otter.

Ash Cavern is quite large in comparison to most caves I have been too. For comparison, the left of the picture is people and stairs!!

I highly suggest you stay in a cabin while you’re in hocking hills. Also get food before you get there. I got bacon, eggs, whole wheat bread, peanut butter, and jelly. I had trail mix which I made but some chipmunks stole it. I walked away from my gear so my go pro could take time-lapse pictures and I got robbed. I don’t mean one or two I mean the whole ziplock bag! I had the most memorable time and part of it was just enjoying the cabin.

While I understand people like to get a new phone every year. Whether they are just trying to compete with their friends on the nicest phone. The price of that iPhone 7 could get you a plane ticket to Ohio and a Jacuzzi in the woods. Though I stayed on my friend’s vacation cabin for free. A cabin costs 110 dollars a night as I wanted to see how much one costs.

I enjoyed the themes that people in Ohio have on their walls. On a side note that was one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept on. The sounds of the woods here are quiet with only the sounds rustling leaves and the occasional acorn hitting your roof. This week has been very relaxing I am going to turn this phone off and enjoy it so this is me logging off Vance, Out!


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