BBQ run to Julian


So i’m back from Ohio and what do you know my friends decided to ride to my house and coax me into riding to Julian with them. Somehow they got me to go I know it was a hard decision to contemplate. Stay at home and read a book or go for a trailblazing ride to get some of the most amazing pies and BBQ in California. Of course, I had to say yes I mean people eat those pies all the way in Texas. Then there is the stellar BBQ and its such a scenic ride.


So leaving from the beginning of the highway 94 we rode knowing the journey ahead. As we started this journey we smiled from ear to ear wind our faces. I spent the majority of the ride breathing in the freash air and enjoying the wide open country roads. As you continue down the 94 you get up into the canyons which is not for the new riders. However, anyone looking to hit some curves comes here to get the experience. Also it a great strech of roade even in a car.


The ride is full of farms, open fields, and grassland with nothing like the suburbs or city. The whole trip is quite a memorable experience since you just can’t forget seeing such amazing views out here in California. This is something I highly recommend just because its different from the average lets go to the beach day. How about lets go to Julian and get some homemade pie. Though technically we got both pies and BBQ in one trip. Not to mention we get 30 miles to the gallon if we can control our throttle hands.

6As you ride you go through another change of scenery as you get half way between San Diego and Julian. This is known as Alpine if you like little country towns this is the place of you. While Julian is great little town it is also two hours from San Diego making a one hour drive to Alpine much more common. There is also some amazing mountain roads in Alpine as well as offroad trails. From Coral Canyon to the mountain trails it is a well known town indeed.

7No matter how many times I ride there is always someone that does a burnout.Theres always one you just have to deal with it. He wanted to even out his tire or “break it in” at least I got a warning. Doing it in the middle of a valley is not a bad place. I did enjoy the fact he didn’t lose control of his bike.5We were 20 mins away and once you leave the Highway 94 and transition onto the Highway 78 it is a whole other road. There is a lot more wind here and it is quite open. It drops ten degrees and there are ice warning signs. This is my favorite part of the ride since it just pulls you in. Being there you are not in San Diegfo anymore. You are worried about deer, everything is green, there is trees, grass and many tourist never see this side of California. This where the small town people live and I can see why.

9The whole ride will be engraved in my mind until I do this trip again because well why do it once when you can do it again? If you’re looking for beer here however you will be disappointed as they don’t have anywhere on the main street that serves alcohol. The only BBQ that had beer is closed. You have to ride 5 miles north to a place called “the cooler”. This is Vance signing out see you guys in three weeks! I will be on a cruise enjoying the sun and the sea, bye yall!!



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