A Clutch and A mechanic

I am back in California and my long travel truck is back from the shop. My motorcycle sat on a battery tender for a month. Now my clutch is slipping again on my Super Duke. I changed the master cylinder and refilled the mineral oil and its seized again I brought it to the mechanic shop in San Diego called South bay to get it fixed and one if the mechanics named George gave me a ride back to my house.

As this white Ford Ranger with the shop logo peeling off pulls up to the shop I waved. He rolled down the window and asked if I was the guy that needed a ride. I said yes and got in then I said Buenos Dias Como Estas he said muy Bien, muy bein I looked at the hood of the pickup truck. The paint was cracked and peeling like a dry lake bed. I turned to the guy and said this four banger must go fast if that paints peeling off.

He laughed but looked surprised by my joke. He asked me where I was from and I replied Florida. George said that he wasn’t surprised most people aren’t this friendly. As we talked about life it turns out he’s 61 years old and has been working for 44 years. George has ridden hundreds of motorcycles and he noted it’s all about the person riding the bike. Just like life, it’s not the bike you have it’s the person in control of it. As we got to my house I noticed his demeanor changed. He was smiling and enjoying his slow drive. I guess working on a Saturday can’t be fun. He has two kids and a wife then we turned the conversation to beer. I told him I don’t drink every day then he asked if I drink coffee. I told him just water and milk most days. He was again stunned by my habits but I still don’t see it as unique.

Once we got to my house George asked if I needed a ride back. It was gonna be at least a day fixing that master cylinder. The hydraulic clutch might have bubbles in the lines. All I knew is I spent two days looking over that bike. Changed the master cylinder and checked the lines. George said he was glad I needed a ride and asked for my name. I told him my name and he said thanks for talking to him. Apparently, I made his day and it made the rest of my day that much better knowing that.


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