I’m back and currently in Nevada! Checking out Sand Mountain

16935470_1470208886344229_1442516523_o    Here I am in the Nevada Desert enjoying the fresh air, huge amounts of dust, and did I mention is only 32 degrees here!  Considering I am from Florida it is vast difference in temperature and climate.  On one hand you have Florida which doesn’t participate in winter with a high of 93 degrees, not to mention you can wear flip flops and shorts year round with the humidity of a green house.  On the other hand you have Nevada where its currently 32 degrees and after washing my truck from going off-road the water has literally frozen to the chassis!

16930431_1470200783011706_104366425_o  Besides the fact that I am here for work I still get to enjoy the weekends. So what have I been up to you might ask?  Well locally there isn’t much here besides vast desert, abandon mines, caves, and this really cool place call Sand Mountain. However, if you have an off-road truck or better yet a Long travel truck your in heaven!!! I can literally drive off and go off-road to any of the trails around town!

That little spot on the mountain is me! Special thnaks to my buddy Nick for taking the pic!

After getting to the biggest dune I have seen since my last trip to Glamis.  I can safely say its quite possibly one the biggest sand mountains I have ever seen.  Also, it pretty much comes out of no where.  One second your on US route 50 seeing open desert and mountains in the background and the next second BOOM! This huge mountain is in your window towering over the dunes around it.  Though unlike Glamis or Ocotillo Wells famous Superstition mountain there was no other off-road truck out there from the two weekends I have gone out to Sand Mountain.



The most interesting thing was I was the only truck out there other then my coworker with his Jeep.  All the other campgrounds and offroaders were in RZRs, side by sides, Quads, or Dirt bikes.  I could see all the Flags moving about since just like Glamis 8 foot whip flags are required at the mountain.  I was kind of disappointed not to see another long travel truck enjoying the dunes but I was sadly disappointed. Maybe during the desert season there’s more trucks out here.  I will keep exploring Nevada as I am only two hours from Reno, NV and two hours from Lake Tahoe, Ca where there is multiple feet of snow falling as we speak so I might have brought my snowboard!  Stay tuned for more on Nevada and all its wonders -Vance Out!



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