Two Words Lake Tahoe

You have no idea how much I missed writing these posts!  However as long as I have the time I will keep yall updated.  So here I am on my second weekend in Nevada and boy is the Florida boy adjusting (to the cold).  Besides my truck providing me with an adventure no one else here can acquire without there own set of offroad tires and axles.  I now get to use her to get to Lake Tahoe California located only two hours west of Fallon Nevada.lakethahoe.jpg

This being the first time up here since I usually go to Big bear or Mammoth Mountain I looked up the area.  Knowing full well I wanted to hit heavenly and Squaw Valley before anything else.  So I talked to my friends and we decided Squaw Valley was first on the list.

Anyone that hasn’t heard of Squaw Valley only have to google it to learn of its huge iconic slopes and trails. As well as its historic past to the Olympics going all the way back to 1960!  If your not into that history stuff like me here all you need to know.  Its the second largest Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe not to mention one of the largest in the US.  What I didn’t know until I talked to the local Ski Patrol was that Squaw Valley merged with Alpine Meadows in 2012  to provide joint access.  So you get access to both and I don’t even have to move my truck speaking of which…..16879996_1470209073010877_1109844701_o

Fun fact since this place started getting multiple feet of snow people are coming from all over to just get in on the powder.  So in other words its a nightmare to park! Thank goodness the parking guys let me just make my own parking!  Not only that I got to park right in front of the resort just as close as valet parking and I didn’t even have to pay.  Speaking of paying the price for a lift ticket is quite expensive unless your military in which case its 25 dollars for a season pass! The money even goes towards a charity and you get an awesome challenge coin for all those veterans and active duty.

The Ski Resort is at the bottom and that sea of color to the right and behind it is cars!

Going up the lift called Squaw One Express takes you up with this magical view.  At the top it allows to go down two different routes with one route literally being labeled with a sign the easy route which takes you through mountain run and other trials full of fun route and plenty of side trails to get to the bottom.


Once back at the bottom of the mountain you ha18ve a number of different lifts you can take varying from Blue square (easy) to Black Diamond (hard). Since I haven’t snowboarded in months I choose some of the blue squares with the help of my friend Harlen which had the patients of a saint by the way.  After some fun going up and down the mountain Harlen went off with another member that rode in my truck Kim. Kim outfit is a little different then ours as not only was he wearing a tactical vest but a dinosaur onesie!  If that wasn’t cool enough it was about one O clock when we got hungry so Me, Harlen, Kim, and Dan went to rocker to grab some food and talk about about our runs so far.  As it turns out Kim wasn’t the only Dinosaur on the mountain!  He found his own species while we were getting lunch of all places.  I guess dinosaurs have to eat to and so I had to photograph these primative creatures as they devoured their pray!


As we enjoyed the day all I could think about is just how overjoyed I was to be staying in a cabin seeing snow, snowboarding through Squaw Valley and sharing moments with Friends.

(Left to Right)Dan”Germinator”, Me”Fluffy”, “The Dino” Kim, and “Crazy man” Harlen

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