Diamond Peak and all its wonders!

So after talking with my friend Dan heuntitled convinced me to take a break from Squaw Valley and hit up Diamond peak. After two weekends at Squaw Valley, I was ready to see what the other Ski Resorts had to offer.  This would be a little different, as we were staying in Carson city, from where we then had to drive to Diamond Peak in Lake Tahoe. Not to mention, it was a 40 minute drive into what ever traffic we came across along the way. Since Lake Tahoe kept dumping snow on us, snow chains were always required on all the roads leading into Lake Tahoe.  This is where my truck came in with four snow chains in the back; I was ready for anything.23   After a fifty minute drive, we made it to Diamond Peak, parked, and started walking to the Ski Resort.  As it turns out, it took us a good fifteen to twenty minutes to walk from where we parked, on the side of the road, to the Ski Resort.  On top of this, the Lift pass was 80 Buckaroos! If you show them your other Lift pass from other Ski resorts, they give you 10 bucks off your lift pass. Once on the top of the mountain, you can see the Lake and it just so happens the route was called “Lake View Quad”… and what a view it was.  If you want a more family oriented Ski experience, this is the wondrous place.  There are still 30 different runs, unlike Squaw Valley which has 270, Diamond Peak was less crowded. Speaking of Family: Dan invited his cousin and her friend to meet us at Diamond peak!

25  After finally making it there from the hotel we met up by the Ski Lodge.  Joining us to run the mountain was Dan’s cousin Amanda and her friend Errak.          From what little I gathered after meeting them I found out that Amanda speaks fluent German just as clear as Dan and after we got stuck on a lift together I found out Errak not only has an interestingly spelled name but is just as enthusiastic about fitness as me so we immediately hit it off. After talking a little more on the lift I found out he does Men’s physique events just like my friend back in San Diego.  Later on not only did I find out that Amanda can ski but she is architect!  Then of course Errak is a personal trainer at not one but two gyms!

Now that you know the snow team back to our run of the day and the main attraction Lake View Quad. Oh boy was it a thrill to see the view as we made our way to the top. It seems like selfie sticks are more useful when you go up the lift as the lake is directly behind you as you make your way up the slope. Once at the top you can see for miles all the way down to the lake between Squaw Valley and Heavenly I can safely state that Diamond Peak has the best view of the lake. As we started our run I had to stop and take a picture of such a spectacular view!

Lake Tahoe from the Lake View run


After making our way down the mountain we headed back up top for another run since there are multiple side trails along the Lake View quad. For a small Ski Resort it had one of the best views available.  Instead of going all the way down we took the crystal express to the top and as it turns out even though its a small Ski Resort it has an extremely high peak coming out at 8,540 feet above sea level!  As well as a vertical drop of 1,840 feet!!! It was quite a rush as I plummeted down the mountain with the group.  Once at the top not only was a it snowing but it was at least six degrees colder.  I admittedly regretted not bringing the face mask!

Dan the German Man showing off his motivating hand gestures!

As we made our way up and down the mountain we lost one of our group.  As it turns out Errak had a rough time and three runs in he had to take a break due to his legs.  As we split up we decided to make one more run up the peak so we got on the Crystal Express way and climbed up again.

(Left to Right) “Panda” Amanda, Me “Fluffy”, and Dan “The German Man”

As we called it a day we sat down19 and ate some of the best food Diamond Peak had to offer as well as the only food Diamond Peak had to offer. As it turns out they have one bar and cafeteria inside as well as a grill outside. However if you are picky about what you eat you might want to bring your own food.  Thank goodness I enjoy a good Tri-tip sandwich in the snow.  They have a small selection of beer on tap.  However if you go outside you can get Wild Bills BBQ which has slow cooked meats such as Burgers, Tri-Trip, and pulled pork to name a few. Before leaving Lake Tahoe we stopped to get a picture by the lake and this was by far a great day with astounding people that became Friends with the mutual love of shredding powder.



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