Old Sacramento and the Capital of California

Look at all that snow that accumulated on the truck and parking lot! Fresh Powder all day!

Just like the majority of my adventures, this one was as spontaneous as the last. However, this time I had my friend Dan with me for this epic trip to old Sacramento and later San Francisco!

Me and Dan enjoying Lake Tahoe one last time!


We drove two hours from Lake Tahoe after our last run leaving at five. Which means we would be in Sacramento around six depending on traffic. As it turns out traffic is still terrible leaving Squaw Valley and forty minutes later we are still in Lake Tahoe. As we were leaving Squaw Valley it was already snowing heavy. It was so bad we didn’t even take off our snow pants! We just hopped in the truck since we were getting blanketed with snow. Forty minutes later in traffic, we regretted this decision as we were sweating our butts off.  The plows couldn’t keep up but thanks to snow chains, four-wheel drive and an off-road truck we made it out of Lake Tahoe.  Random unsolicited driving tip: if you are driving in the slippery conditions such as ice or snow and lose traction ease off the throttle and steer in the direction you want to go.


Lots of slippery roads!


From there it was a quiet and uneventful night drive to Amanda’s place. Oh! did I mention we were going to see Amanda, Dan’s cousin in Sacramento!  I was giddy with excitement to see Amanda and where she was going to take us!  The next morning we got a list of things to do and places to see in Sacremento.  Amanda delivered gold and immediately I was eager to go out to get as much done as possible.  So we hopped in the truck and five minutes later we were at the Towers.



The Tower cafe was a diamond in the rough, full of people on a weekday.  I can bet money that there is a forty-five-minute wait on the weekend because inside the place was packed!  The restaurant has a gorgeous interior and the scenic exterior only adds to the unique experience.  They don’t serve the usual menu here either they have everything from American to Greek cuisine taking me back to my trip to Greece!

If you can only have one item on the menu Dan recommends the French Toast



I was kicking myself that I couldn’t come here to experience such a romantic place at night and share such a beautiful place with someone special.  After stuffing our bellies full of sumptuous food from the Tower we headed out to hit the next thing on Amanda’s list. Next up on the list was Old Sacramento and boy were we stoked to get there!  Dan kept talking about this candy store that gave out free samples so we went on the hunt.  Surprisingly there are more than four candy stores so after hitting Candyland (like the board game) and Munchies with no luck we continued our sweet and sour quest.

As we toured Old Sacramento I was delighted at the old town rustic feeling from the stone cobbled street to the trains and paddle boat which is also a restaurant the place had a lot of foot traffic for a weekday.  I felt overwhelmed like traveling in a time machine to the 1940’s  one-second we’re driving through a modern city and the next I am seeing horse and buggies and historic buildings though modern back in the 1940’s.

My personal favorite stores were blast from the past and my childhood was brought back to life.  Starting with Stage Nine entertainment store which has movie props, celebrity photographs, memorabilia, even though the Star wars items caught my eye and got me in the store.  Everything from the Phone booth from Doctor who to the Harry Potter and Disney products I was geeking out.



Just when I thought I’d seen it all we walked up to Evangeline’s Costume Mansion and I couldn’t stop exploring the place.  If you like costumes and dressing up this place has it all with the most frightening masks made from nightmares.  I have seen in person granted I can barely watch horror movies as it is.


One shop later we were at Sock City, now anyone that knows me will tell you I have the coolest socks in town.  I was in heaven enjoying the football teams, movie themed, and Pokemon style socks!  I had to pick up four pairs just for the next marathon and of course, they were high knees.  Looking towards the future, the next Avenger’s half marathon run is coming up and now I have socks with capes!16936105_1442687232443422_1430108445_o-e1488278104227.jpg

With such an epic day you would think we would have been exhausted between the exploring and excitement but the day was far over.  It was only 4pm with plans to head to San Francisco I had no idea what I was in store for.  What I do know is Amanda had come through for Dan and me.  We got to explore just a little bit of this city and I can say we made the most of it in the time we had and I will definitely be coming back to visit!






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