The Golden Gate City, a night to remember

   Spending a night in the Golden Gate city with friends, and since it is my second visit, I had different goals in mind.  You see, San Francisco is truly one of the most culinary elaborate cities I have ever been too.  From the Seafood to the Chinese food, it is known for being one of the best cities to bring a big appetite for international cuisine!  Considering that the San Diego to San Francisco trip is an eight hour drive, I have not been able or patient enough to visit the city yet again; until now! Since we were already in Sacramento, we hopped in the truck and headed to see the city and all its wonders, before returning to San Diego.

It may just be a bridge to some people but it looks spectacular from my eyes!

  After an hour excursion, we arrived and unlike last time, where I got to walk the bridge, I drove across in my truck!  One of the unique changes I noticed was that you now cross the bridge without stopping to pay the toll.  You either have a fast pass, or you drive though and it takes a picture of your plate to bill you after.  This saves time and prevents traffic jams, which I feel is one of the few things I wish Florida would implement as well. However, if you visit San Francisco, one thing I hope you get to do is walk the San Francisco bridge. There is a fairly interesting visitor center, if you visit the National Recreation area, as well as hiking trails and a Disney museum!

  After conferring with Dan and Amanda we decided we should eat first.  As we made our way into town we had no idea what was awaiting us.

  On a small street called Clement we walked on the moon lite night after struggling to find parking for my truck we made our way to the door.  This isn’t just any door it largely stands out uniquely artistic with a rich shade of blue.  As I opened the door there was a loud clunk as it hit the doorframe.  Just so you know although the door is large it is not as dense as it looks! Walking into the the Traditional Moroccan restaurant with everyone eyes on us was intresting with the spacious room design it didn’t help. Looking around the traditional tiles you are greeted with the sound of trickling water.  Looking up there are heavy drapes above with hanging lamps to set the mood. 

As we sat down to view the menu we noticed something intresting.  There is actually only two main entree courses. From there you can vary your decesions with chicken, lamb, brochette, scallops and shrimp. One of the courses is thirty-two bucks and the other is forty depending on which course you decide. Then you wash your hand in warm water wich they pour over your hands before serving you the four course meal. After which the fun began or rather a suprise ensued.

Thanks Dan for sharing this picture for us!

As we got our first two courses in of bread and some delectable form of dip and soup. Then the music stopped for a brief pause then very loudly a new song was played. The mood had changed from a traditional moroccan theme playlist. To an up beat Egyptian song and out came an attractive women dancing in a circle.  Her hair was down, widly flowing as she spun in a circle. She danced around the room passing all tables to give everyone her attention. Then she left just as fast as she came in only to return moments later with a Scimitar sword. With grace and ease she balanced on her head as she twirled around.  The belly dancer with gladly allow you dance with her and tipping is a must. She will try to get people to dance with her as well trying to give everyone an oppertunity. While flattered and red in the face Amanda was to shy to go up and dance. I looked at Dan and then Amanda then moments later I was making a fool of myself (completely sober by the way).

Its not as easy at it looks with complex movements and years of prefecting the torso movements and techniques. You can clearly see the difference in this video evidence. One side note is to becareful not to inhale the couscous or you will be coughing up a storm. One of us learned that the hard way and no amount of water seemed to help.

As we left the traditional restaurant I later realized I had been in that area before.  Only ten minues away is the Legion of Honor which not only has “The Thinker” statue but also some astouding art work and history inside. Something you would’nt expect is that its also extremely well known for weddings. Since the last time I was in San Francisco was for a wedding at the Legion Of Honor.

Everytime time you forget you will always be reminded how small of a world we live in.


As we left El Mansour we headed under the direction of our fearless leader Amanda. Only ten minutes later we arrived at our next adventure the Sutro Baths at Lands End! Armed with a flashlight and a sense of adventure me, Dan and Amanda climbed down to see what wonders awaited us. Suprisingly there is a cave at the bottum which leads directly to the a view point of point lobos. This was quite a large cave to go into and while I did’nt have the best camera we got alot of pictures from inside.

As we made our way around I noticed all kinds of graffiti since apperently there is no one here at night.  The bath houses themselves are pretty much gone and there is nothing left but ruins. It was more intresting to me to explore the cave personally. Although we did walk into what was left of the sutro bath houses. The view was probably my favorite thing and I live for these nights so I enjoyed it as long as I could.

The Cliffhouse across the Sutro Baths is a view I will always remember!

There is limited parking and a really nice hiking area but I bet its hard to find parking during the day.  At night time however there was only one car in the parking lot.

A photographer named Nicholas was kind enough to take our picture


After this Cave adventure we stopped for crepes and ice cream before hitting the road.

Dan really likes crepes (even with red beans and Nutella)

With everything that I got to do in San Francisco I can defiently see why some people like it here. While I would’nt want to live here myself. It is nice to visit and enjoy the city for one night under a full moon.

Amanda and Dan the picture says it all!

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