The Archipelago of the Persian Gulf

On a sun-soaked morning, I arrived in this new and exotic place with excitement. I had a list of locations to see and places to explore. The question became where to visit and explore first? For a country known for its entertainment outside the strict Islamic countries culture and rules. I was interested to see what Bahrain has to offer besides Swarma and American alley of course!Untitled

Now, where exactly is Bahrain you may ask yourself? Bahrain is located in the Persian Gulf between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. As an island country in the Persian Gulf, its main export is Petroleum considering how cheap gas was I was not really surprised by this fact. Then there is the currency of Bahrain known as “Bahraini dinar” worth 2.65 US dollars per dinar (during my time there). Worth more then the US Dollar prices for food and lodging was reasonable and inexpensive considering the majority of hotels rating four to five stars.

Bahrain Currency

After exchanging some of my cash for Bahraini Dinar I headed out with no plan on where to go or what to see as my first day is usually just getting lost and exploring on foot.  Two hours later I met a friendly cab driver from Pakistan and headed for a horse ranch on the north side of Bahrain.  20170828_141111The cabs here have meters just like India, so I recommend making sure they turn them on before departing in a cab(They tend to make more money off tourist). A standard cab far is five to ten Dinar and to get there from the center only cost me 15 Dinar.  After getting to the Ranch I noticed it will be hard to get a cab so I took down the cab drivers number to call him (I use the “Whats App” when I have Wifi to make calls as well).DCIM100GOPROGOPR2519.I was in heaven from the second I walked into the stables and glancing back at me 20170828_150840was a pure bread white Arabian beauty.  I was at a crossroads whether to brush her forelock or find a carrot to feed her!  As I peered through the stables I spotted a weird looking horse as I ventured closer I realized it was actually a Camel! I immediately asked if I could ride it and they were very happy to help. Later on, I found out that they only wanted Five Bahraini Dinar for an hour ride and I wish I would have known as I would have rather ridden the Arabian Horse! I personally felt like riding a camel is overrated even though all we did was ride on a trail on the ranch. Camels are slow, ungraceful, and are an extremely rough ride. Mine also likes to bite but they had a sock on him. However, it was a unique experience which I will never forget but if given the choice I will always choose the horse now!

Leaving the ranch I ventured inland to the south of Bahrain to get some 20170828_200100Bahrannian cuisine. As I made my way around I decided to have Turkish food and Swarm.  I settled on a place near one of my destinations which was the “Golden Souk”. My taxi driver drove me there then we parted ways as I headed into the alley I had no idea what I was looking for but I was ecstatic!

20170828_172233  I walked into the restaurant and noticed the kitchen was upfront and so was the cashier which I thought was interesting. I was greeted and escorted to back to my surprise, the tables are curtained off dining booths which you eat in. The red curtain was closed and I was in my own little booth. Talk about cool then opened the menu. I was greeted with an innumerable amount of options my mouth watered as I looked. Not only is there both Arabic and English on the menu but it was quite easy to understand the people there.  They understood a little English and with my small amount of Arabic we were able to understand each other quite well. Although my waitress could just have been smiling at me and nodding her head while having no idea what I was asking and I’m sure pointing at the menu choices helped…

After ordering my food I opened up my backpack and put my phone on my 20170828_174215portable charger then started looking on google to get familiar with what was around me. I didn’t want to miss anything I would regret later. Another habit I have is asking the locals if there are any public events going on or holidays I can observe. However, there were none going on this weekend. My “starter” had finally arrived which was just pita bread and a multitude of dipping sauces (which they charged me for as I wanted to try them all).   They had french fries as well but they weren’t that great sort of like the ones you can buy at the store then unfreeze. The Turkish feast and Swarma came to an end and after a mighty meal, I went to pay. With all of that food, it only costs me 12 Dinar! Which brings me to a close of the day from here it was already late so I headed back to the hotel for the night.  Just when you think it over I can’t help but post a picture of one of the most interesting things I encounter in my travels.

Of course, the bathroom is always fun because you can rest assured if 20170829_012805you have ever slept in someone else’s home just figuring out how the shower can be a bit bewildering. In this case just like my trip to Europe Bahrain and from what I have seen Arabic countries have “Bidet”.  So I just had to talk about it since I don’t have one and we go through toilet paper in the majority of households in America. With that being said not everyone may like it especially considering they have been using toilet paper for the last 20 years of their life. Also, you would be surprised how many people have never heard of a Bidet and would be perplexed to see this in a bathroom. I will confess the first time I saw one I thought it was a urinal… I hope your done laughing… Also, there is the environmental impact toilet paper has to consider but now people will say your using water instead which can be just as bad.


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