Hawaiian island hopping from O’ahu (informative)

Day 1

Before I get into the actually trip i’d like to mention a few things about Hawaii.  Starting with some topics my friends said when I told them I was going there.  First, O’ahu is not Hawaii, it is O’ahu which is an island in the Hawaiian islands and home to Honolulu which is the states capitol.  The big island or Hawaii is actually the biggest island which is east of O’ahu.  When someone talks about the “big island” they are actually talking about Hawaii the island.  Now when on O’ahu, people say they are going to north shore which is the north part of the island.  However it is not the only north shore! All of the islands have a north shore!  I have gone to Hawaii almost every year due to work and have learned a lot about Hawaiian culture as well as the people and amazing historical facts about the history of the Hawaiian islands.  Now that we have that down, lets get into the first stop on the trip O’ahu!


As we landed in O’ahu I contemplated the outcomes of this trip in its entirety from how it would feel to what would happen.  We had an itinerary making it nice not to ask the question what would we be doing that day.  Who do you ask is my traveling buddies?  Well, I have a treat for yall since I will be tagging along with Kimberly and her twin sister Kellalen to visit the Hawaiian islands and more importantly eat the food (with a side of Mai tais) as we travel together I was pleasantly surprised by both my travel buddies and my overall Hawaiian experience!


After, we landed I was greeted with a great many things first off I don’t usually fly in to Honolulu airport due to my career.  Traveling in I was very happy to be walking from the terminal to an outside covered walkway!  You feel the wind and smell O’ahu for the first time.  Its a very welcoming walk to your baggage claim and the first one I have experienced in the open air.

20200209_120649  We stayed on Waikiki beach even though I love the North Shore of O’ahu its always a great beach to explore.  For food recommendations id started with my favorite dinner spot if you want the “underground scoop” Kaneko Hannosuke is a Japanese restaurant located under the Waikiki shopping plaza if you want a unique experince.  If you want something off the beaten path you have plenty of choices I recommend you go to Leonard’s Bakery  in Honolulu for their Malasadas (Portuguese donuts) as well as their bread, pastries & other sweets which are amazing.  If you want roof top experience with the hefty price I suggests “Buho Cocina y Cantina” which has a beautiful view.  If you look up from Waikiki beach you will clearly see the “taco dirty to me” sign.

Day 2


We visited Nu’uanu Pali Lookout which is historically known as where king Kamehameha pushed the O’ahu warrior army off Pali cliff.  He actually split his army into two in order for this to happen which to me showed smart strategies for a king.  This scenic view area has an amazing view of O’ahu which also shows the other side of the island.  Which is a beautiful place to watch the sunrise by the way…

FB_IMG_1583004128102  As we made our way around the island we visited my friend at his house and this is the first time I have brought guests over.  We immediately got drinks and were welcomed as we sat on the deck we talked about a great many things including what to see and do on the island.  The Hawaiian weekends are the same in most households.  They like BBQ, have friends over, drinks and relax with good company.  We even experienced some of the local wild life specifically the Hawaiian Chickens!


Chickens are everywhere and with the only known natural predator being the mongoose  their population is still quite large.  With a little bread they will come right up to you!  Under state law all birds are protected on each island of Hawaii including the chickens (we will get more into them when we get to Kauai).


20200209_155428  For all you coconut lovers I have good news!  They are everywhere and you can get them at both coconut stands and on trees.  How do you know if you can eat them or drink from them or not?  I learned first hand and asked plenty of questions!  Lets dive in with the basics of the coconut which is the white meat of coconut. Whether its fresh or dried the white coconut meat is edible.  Does it offer any benefits? Yes!  coconuts are both Rich in fiber and MCTs (medium chain fatty acids good for a Keto diet as well!) Coconuts may offer a number of benefits, including improved heart health, weight loss, and digestion from what I was told and fact checked online. Yet, it’s high in calories and saturated fat, so I would eat coconuts in moderation personally.  However its nice to just pull them off the tree crack em open and drink the milk too.

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