The most surprising place to visit in all of O’ahu (Picture heavy)

The Byodo-In Temple

Byodo-In Temple, Kaneohe, HI

Now this is going to come as a shock to some people but hear me out.  When I first brought this subject up my adventure team (Kimberly and Kellalen).  They were not stoked and to put this in perspective one could say they were dare I say it “mortified” by my opening comments on where we were headed.  Even worse the grave stones and cemetery didn’t help but soon they would change their minds.  I have been to O’ahu nine times and I continue to visit here and spend some time with my shoes off and my mind open.

Byodo-In Temple, Kaneohe, HI

You may ask yourself, why visit a Mortuary on your vacation?  Eating Malasadas at Leonards feeds the stomach, Waikiki empties your wallet shopping, and Byodo-In Temple feeds the soul, body, mind, and spirit.  You will see the signs telling you to remove your shoes.  You will be told to remain silent for the respect shown of others peace and to keep the ambiance of the temple.  Above all you will be at peace and you will hear nothing.

Byodo-In Temple, Kaneohe, HI

If you believe in Chakra (or your life energy) this is the place to find your inner peace.  I highly encourage you to take a break from the normal everyday grind and put the cell phone down. Visit here for an hour maybe more!  Take a minute, take five, take ten and I guarantee your heartbeat will come to halt with five minutes inside wondrous place.

The Kanetru-ki-do Bell house and a Bon-sho

“Kanetru-ki-do” Bell house and a “Bon-sho”
   Now there are some guidelines I was not accustomed to much less aware of the first time I came here (which even in Japan I did not know).  However, before we get into this I would like to explain the bell house itself which is called a “kanetru-ki-do” this particular one on the grounds houses a five foot high, three ton brass bell!  The bell is called a Bon-sho (or as previously stated a “sacred bell”).  The bell sounds and tones are said to send a message of deep calm and peace, clearing the mind of both temptation and evil.

Byodo-In Temple Koi pond, Kaneohe, HI


The unique and present sound of the “Bon-sho” creates tranquility and an atmosphere of for meditation that travels past the temple grounds and into the surround forest.  One of the most surprising things I found out was that the Bon-sho was actually created or cast in Osaka, Japan!  Which is five hours away from Atsugi, Japan where I visited Japan for the first time and learned about Japanese culture which I would come to miss dearly.  The wooden log I am operating is called a “shu-moku” which is used to strike the Bon-Sho.


Now that I have explained the exciting world of bell houses and temples why is this important you may ask?  Well I would like to mention that the bell is customarily rung before one enters the temple to spread the eternal teachings of Buddha.  Yes, that is correct the figures belly teachings that you keep rubbing is spread by that bell.  If that doesn’t get you to ring the Bon-Sho then it is also said to bring you blessings, happiness and a long life!

Temple cats provide PAWsitive energy on the grounds

May I offer you happiness, blessing and a long life.  Until my next post and travels good night!


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