A little about me


I am an avid truck and car enthusiast. My passion is traveling, learning, and participating in anything in the outdoors. When I am home, I am working on my 2013 Supercharged Methanol injected Toyota Tacoma 4×4, or my KTM super duke motorcycle.  While my passion is to work on cars, trucks, and motorcycles, I do have a number of other interests.  I tend to do a lot of camping, sports, and events all over the world.  My new goal is to write about my adventures instead of having them in a journal, so bear with me as I am acquiring wisdom along the way.  I will post my shenanigans openly on this blog and introduce you to the friends I see and meet through my journey.  My hope is to both, entertain people with my adventures, as well as meet people with similar interest.  Whether it’s running marathons, Drift events, drag racing events; to my many off-road events, I will write about them and learn as I go!  Finally, as I continue this journey, I hope to bring some joy to someone else’s life and respond to any readers I may acquire.

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