Acropolis at Dawn

With only two hours left until sunrise, I started my hike to Acropolis excited to get some epic shots of the citadel. It took about 30 minutes to get from Syntagma square to Acropolis. It wasn’t the distance that slowed me down, it was the directions since I got them from a local. I think … More Acropolis at Dawn

Divers Paradise, Exploring Octopus reef and Turtle Island

After riding through Greece I am on the Greek island of Zakynthos and have explored it by foot, motorcycle and horse. Though I had yet to explore it underwater so I looked for scuba dive centers on google.  I couldn’t take my scuba equipment on this trip as I needed to pack light in order to … More Divers Paradise, Exploring Octopus reef and Turtle Island

Laganas is insane

I’m not sure where to start but this place is a shocking surprise. Coming from the mainland of Greece this city on the island of Zakinthos is quite a culture shock. I have heard for Greek accents for weeks and now im hearing all kinds of foreign accents. I have met people from Great Britain, … More Laganas is insane